4 Steps to Order a Seamless Prototype Manufacturing Experience

By: Admin November 14, 2019

PCB design can be confusing. Ordering shouldn’t be.

You’re a pro. PHD, expert – you name it. We are here to facilitate your build, not tell you how to build. The last thing you need is the run around when it comes time to order the piece.

Fit PCB has automated this process to relieve stress and deliver better results. Ordering your prototype should be as simple as 1-2-3.

To guarantee accuracy and eliminate delays, Fit PCB offers the following tips, so we can deliver on complete turnkey solutions.

1 – Decide on your attributes

Choose the appropriate software (most customers prefer Allegro, PADs, or Altium) and provide:

  • Netlist (in the software format desired)
  • Component data sheets (especially for critical parts)
  • PCB Mechanical requirement
  • Schematic with reference designators
  • Keep out area(s)
  • Special routing rules (Impedance control, High speed signals, etc.)
  • PCB stack-up with layer definition

2 – Get a quote

  • Submit Gerber Data (274X format) or ODB++ Files
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • NDA (automatic)


3 – Provide additional information

  • Solder Paste file (in array format if boards are panelized)
  • Fabrication Drawing
  • XY Data
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Mechanical Drawings (If required)
  • Test Procedure (If required)Letters of Authorization for any parts for which you control pricing (if applicable)

4 – Place order

  • Submit Purchase order

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